No matter who you are and what you do, odds are that you need a car to get you where you need to be. Whether you have work or family obligations, there is no margin for error when you need to get somewhere in a timely manner. And with the economy in such turmoil, buying a car that is reliable without breaking the bank is no easy feat. Simons Motorcars can take the burden off of you with its quality stock of used cars that will get you where you need to be without a huge financial burden. So why should you buy from Simons Motorcars? Simon says do it!

Impressive Inventory

The bottom line if you are shopping at a used car lot is that you want a great used car. Simons Motorcars has some of the best inventory around. From Fords to Teslas, and everything in between, Simons Motorcars works hard to bring high quality used cars to the Bedford Auto Mile so that you can find the exact car that you desire. We take great pride in stocking top of the line used cars that are well-maintained and ready to drive off of the lot. You will be amazed at the wide range of vehicles that you can choose from. 


Since buying a car is such a big investment, you will want to do everything you can to hang on to your car for as long as possible and make sure that it runs well without breaking the bank. As cars age, you will need to do regular maintenance and also need the ability to solve problems that pop up. An extended warranty can help you with both, offering coverage for unforeseen repair costs so you have the resources you need. Simons Motorcars offers a variety of warranty options so that you can find the one that is right for you. 

A Long Lasting Relationship

Building a relationship with Simons Motorcars will help you both now and in the future. With your quality used car, you will easily be able to do all of your tasks that require a reliable vehicle. And when your circumstances change and it is time for a new car, we have a solution for you! Our Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer is an easy way for you to turn your old car into cash or credit towards a new car. With the friendly staff at Simons Motorcars, you can build a solid relationship that will last through generations by continuing to buy and sell your cars through us. Talk about a win/win!


When it comes to buying a “new to you” car, we know that sometimes having enough money can be an obstacle. That is why at Simon Motorcars we have a wide variety of lenders and providers who can provide you with low-rate financing. You can apply with our credit application right on line, and we will be happy to contact you to share some options with you. With a wide variety of financing options available, there is something for everyone. 

When it comes time for a new set of wheels, look no further than Simons Motorcars on the Bedford Auto Mile. With our quality merchandise and knowledgeable, friendly staff, we can set you up in the car of your dreams, and even take care of any financing needs you may have. Additionally, we offer a variety of warranty options that will take care of your investment long into the future. “Simon Says Say Yes!” to build a better future with one of our tried and true cars.