Although used cars can save you a lot of money, sometimes people are wary of buying a used car because they are not sure where it has been or how it has previously been cared for. If you are going to buy a used car, schedule a test drive so that you can examine the car for yourself. When it comes to test driving a used car, trust your senses to tell you if you have found a solid used car or a lemon. Here are ten simple ways to tell if the used car is worth buying:

Open It Up

And no we don’t mean see how fast it will go on the highway. Instead, open the trunk, doors, windows, sunroof, hood, and anything else that should open, and make sure that these mechanisms are easy to open. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many people get a used car home and realize the trunk or sunroof do not open or close correctly. 

Kick the Tires

You don’t have to actually kick them, but check to see if the tires are balding or have good treads. This is an important consideration for future expenses. We all know you need four good tires to get you around, and you don’t want to pour several hundred dollars into your used car right when you drive it off the lot. 

Check the Ground

If anything is leaking under the car, and you see a wet spot, make sure you take a closer look because this can be cause for concern. An oil leak or fluid leak can be signs of something more worrisome, and more expensive. All the fluids should stay where they are supposed to be. 

Check the Power

Power doors and windows can cause a huge hassle if they decide to stop working, and getting a new key fob can be more expensive than you realize. Double check that these parts of the used car are in good working order before you drive it off the lot. 

Be an Investigator

If you are going to INVEST a lot of money in a car, you need to investigate it fully. Mold can hide in the fabric of the car, and who checks the floor mats regularly to see if they are wet? Lift up the mats to see if there is damage underneath such as mold, mildew, or rust. A little investigation will go a long way to saving you money and aggravation!

Use Your Ears

Turn off the radio so you can hear all of the sounds of the car on your test drive. You can tell a lot about an engine by listening, so see if you hear a tic, a rattle, or a high idling sound. Any unusual noises could be cause for alarm, and you should investigate more thoroughly before buying the car. 

“Brake” it Down

No one wants to drive a car that is unsafe, and if the brakes aren’t solid, you will be in for a big repair bill before you ever get off the lot. If the brakes are squishy or seem to be grinding, this is a big indication that you could be in for trouble. 

Get a Need for Speed

Make sure you drive the car at a variety of speeds so you see how smoothly it goes from low gear to high speed and back again. If the car has trouble going between speeds, that signifies a problem. 

Check the Pull

Making sure the car is in alignment is a big deal. See if the used car stays on the straight and narrow, by accelerating with your hands close to but not on the wheel. If your car pulls to either side you might need new tires or an alignment. 

Mission Transmission 

When you change gears, listen for a clunking sound or any tugs or bumps. If the car has a transmission problem, that can really set you back a lot of cash. 

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